What can I put in the bags?

Used toner cartridges (of any brand), used spare parts and polystyrene from the cartridge packaging. Please recycle cardboard at your facility.

What can't I put in the bags?

Please don’t put CARDBOARD or ANY RUBBISH in the bags

Why can't I recycle the cardboard packaging?

All workplaces in NZ should have cardboard recycling facilities. We don’t collect the cardboard packaging as it means we can collect many more toners cartridges and used spare parts.

How long will it take for my bag to be collected?

It will take up to three days, earlier if possible. For this reason, please ensure your bag is sealed and at the agreed collection point as soon as you arrange a collection.

Do you collect the recycling box?

No! We only collect the bags; please securely seal the bags using the cable ties provided.

What happens if my recycling box breaks?

We are happy to replace your recycling box; please order a box on this page and recycle the cardboard box at your workplace.

What if my bag is not collected?

If your bag has not been collected within 3 working days, please give us a call on 0800 FXLOOP and we will rectify any problems as soon as we can.

How do I know how much 15 kgs weighs?

15kgs is the maximum weight that should go in one bag for health and safety of couriers. It is equivalent to approximately 6 reams of paper.

What happens to my used cartridges

The various plastics and metals are sent to approved manufactures to be reconstituted and used to make new products. Close the Loop is known for its innovation with products like the Enviroliner™ pens which are made from plastics recovered from inkjet cartridges and waste ink from those cartridges. A unique product in the world!

Another unique product developed by Cloe the Loop in conjunction with Downer Group is TonerPave®. This uses waste toner from your cartridges mixed with other waste products such as waste engine oil and ground tyre rubber, which is then added to bitumen to make a 23% lower carbon asphalt now used in many council jurisdictions around Australia.